Thursday, July 22, 2004

3 Pluses for the Times

 There’s an old line that expresses the attitude of the meanies among us -- “I’m all right, Jack - Eff you!” The great Barbara Ehrenrreich reminds us today that there are also women meanies, whose motto might be “I’m all right, Jane, Eff you!” She cites a well-off woman who got an abortion because something showed up wrong with her fetus -- but objected to waiting in a clinic with working mothers who just could not face having another baby.

A great column in the Times today --  do read it. In fact, it was a good hair day for the Op-Ed page: a piece about how poor the job figures really are -- and Maureen Dowd making fun of Sandy Burglar, as they now call Clinton’s former security adviser.  She reminds us that Fawn Hall once smuggled papers out of the White House under her sweater -- to cover up Ollie North’s role in the Iran-contra scandal. Dowd also plays up the way the Bush pack is sniffing out nukes and al Queda terrorists in Iran, instead of Iraq. Much of its base surely wouldn’t know the diference.

One more merit badge for the Times today. It apologizes for saying that Venezuela’s leftwing president, Hugo Chavez, faced a recall because he was accused of electoral fraud. It admits that a commission headed by Jimmy Carter cleared his election.  Chavez won by an overwhelming majority, but the Bush administration, which did not, has never let up on its effort to overthrow him. Neither has the Times. The story is one of the darker chapters in its history. Today’s confession offers at least a glimmer of light.