Thursday, July 15, 2004

Behind the Safety Doors

Our Police Commissioner is so uptight about security that he won’t let peace marchers anywhere near the Garden. He also ordered up four safety doors for his own headquarters, at $50,000 apiece. He paid cash down, which is something the city almost never does -- and they’ve disappeared - - not a scrap of paper to show they ever existed. One guess is that they never did.

I’ve often said that if we close our eyes and stick a pin into a map, it will hit a spot of corruption. Nassau County would break out in measles. It just ordered an audit to find some missing money -- and learned that one of the accounting firms it hired was one of those that had certified the cooked books..

The pin could have landed in Suffoilk County -- either end -- or in Westchester. Yonkers? White Plains? Or Rockland, or Orange County. Jersey is always rich pickings -- especially now that they’ve brought in a call girl used as a bribe. But if the pin lands near Wall Street, it’s liable to explode like a rocket grenade. The financial pages these days read like the Police Gazette -- and they of course mention only the rare individuals who have to take the perp walk for all the others. Like Martha Stewart, who will face the music tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we get this show of democracy, paid for out of their petty cash. We’re all invited to watch it, at a safe distance, behind security doors that are a sham.