Thursday, July 08, 2004

Gitmo Law

If they were innocent, they wouldn’t be suspects, would they?

That was Reagan’s attorney general, Ed Meese. The Supreme Court didn’t agree with him, and gave us the Miranda warning, so familiar to every TV viewer. Cops and prosecutors found they could live with it very well, but the Meese crowd never did buy it. Well, last week the Supreme Court- the most reactionary one in a century, admitted that even a foreign suspect held on foreign soil had some rights. So now the Pentagon says okay, we’ll provide him with counsel -- not a lawyer, perish forbid --but a military officer, who won’t tell him the charges against him but will let him guess what they are and deny them. Or whatever.

Meanwhile, we’re taking more prisoners, and casualties, every day. The man Bush handed Iraq’s sovereignty over to last week with the words, "Let freedom reign," has declared a state of emergency. He said he’d impose curfews, to keep folks off the streets, while he rounded up suspects. Also he may have to delay elections and would in any case ban parties hostile to his regime. In other words, martial law. But he doesn’t have an army able to enforce it, yet, so guess who will have to stay the course? To all this, more and more Americans are asking, Why?