Monday, July 26, 2004

Global Warming

 Now for the good news -- great news. A year ago, we detected signs of a climate shift. The likes of Ann Coulter were fading off the best-seller list, and being replaced by the likes of Michael Moore. Today, we’ve reached a new level -- people are saying out loud, hey, this Bush gang can be beat -- WILL be beat, in November. And the media pack have begun to believe it -- you can tell. USA Today just scrapped a column sent them by Coulter from Boston -- said it wasn’t funny,  just too stupid to print. She said they must not have been reading her stuff before.

The first wire dispatch from the convention led off with a complaint that there were not enough toilets for all the media there. They’ll have to flush it somewhere -- and we’ll be getting all of it. This is the home of the New York Times. It has assured us that nothing significant would happen at the convention, but no paper will tell us so at greater length. In an editorial Sunday, it expressed pleasure that the peace avocates had, as it says, thrown in the towel. The party platform will say, "People of goodwill disagree about whether America should have gone to war." Even the Times winced at this: "We support the American people’s freedom to choose whatever cars, SUV’s, minivans and trucks they choose." Talk about Bush Lite -- this is Bush heavy.

It is also a triumph for the Clinton crowd. They came in 12 years ago as Reagan Lite and did more harm than Reagan in a number of ways . But the second Bush turned out to be worse than any of us could imagine. Now the Democrats have chosen, in Kerry and Edwards, a pair of candidates far better looking than Bush and Cheney -- how could they not be? -- and offering hardly any target at all for the Bushwackers. It’s not the choice we ought to have -- but the likelihood that Bush is headed for defeat should brighten our day.