Friday, July 30, 2004

Meanwhile, Back Home…

Now that the Democrats have finished celebrating the Vietnam war, they may want to catch up with what’s been going on at home. For example, New York’s Governor Pataki just vetoed a minimum wage of $7.15. That is the same as the pittance promised by Kerry and Edwards. But New York is supposed to be a blue-blue state, with a margin for the Democrats in the double digits. If they can’t deliver even those pennies, how would they deliver on the goodies that Kerry tagged onto his acceptance speech?

Indeed, how come we have a Republican governor, a Republican state senate and a Republican mayor? Why can’t a Democratic assembly and a Democratic city council override them, on life and death issues? And if they can’t, how will they turn out the majorities they will need in November?

Yes, Kerry cleared up one problem. He proved he could deliver a rousing speech -- that he could “look presidential,” also likable, brave, clean and reverent, like his boy scout den-mother -- just as belligerent as Bush but honest and intelligent as well. The pundits were carried away -- even David Brooks called it a good Republican speech. The Bushes will be fighting back -- and they fight dirty. Two weeks ago, it was reported that they had tracked down a big terrorist in Pakistan -- and sure enough, they timed the announcement for Kerry’s day yesterday. There will be more -- there are scary times ahead. And work to be done.