Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Postpone Elections?

George the Second flew to a nuclear bomb factory at Oak Ridge to show us what he saved us from. It was an update on the message he delivered on that aircraft carrier -- mission accomplished. He reminded us that he speaks only gospel truth.

Because Amrerica led the way, he said, "the forces of terror and tyranny have suffered defeat after defeat, and America and the world are safer." Meanwhile, his department of Homeland Security was alerting us against major attacks -- maybe even bigger than 9-11 -- and suggesting that we might have to postpone the November elections.

Funny -- that has also been proposed in Afghanistan and Iraq. We were supposed to be building those nations on the American model. Now it looks as if we’re building ours on their model.

It’s worrisome. A group of House members has appealed to Kofi Annan to name a commission to oversee our elections. If the world depends so on a free America, there is certainly plenty of cause -- the explosion of election spending, the efforts to block some people from voting, the barriers to third parties and independents getting on the ballot or being heard, the insane gerrymandering, the undercounting of votes, and so on.

Yes, we could use oversight by the UN. Unfortunately, it will not happen. Democracy is, finally, up to us -- each of us - to keep informed, to educate our kinfolk, our neighbors, our fellow workers -- and make our voices be heard. There are signs that this is happening -- that like last time, only more so, a majority of voters want George Dubya out. Don’t let them dare postpone that happy day.