Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Too Nice?

No sooner did Kerry name his pick for a running mate than the media spun into its Bush defense mode. Its main complaint was one that one of my children once invented. Unable to decide whether the bath water was too hot or too cold, he said it was too nice. Yep -- they suggested this morning that Americans did not want a vice president -- or a president -- who was too nice.

But they might not mind a presidential adviser being nice. Last week a network aired a profile of Condoleezza Rice that said she was nicer than one might think. It said she began life as a musical prodigy, learned to read music before she read English, and won a national competition at age 15, playing this piano concerto by Mozart. They gave us all of the final movement. Wonderful. Then the spinmeister said they couldn’t find a tape of the competition -- that was Artur Rubenstein with the Philadelphia Orchestra, but after this message we’ll discuss what her choice of this piece tells us about her.

I tuned out, but how about, bait and switch? Actually, Condy Rice has explained why she gave up music as a career. She thought she might not make it as a worldwide star, and didn’t want to spend her life teaching 9-year-olds to murder Beethoven.

Evidently, she was not cut out to coach children. Instead, she went on to coach George Bush on how to murder who? We are filling in the blanks, every day.