Thursday, July 08, 2004

Winning Ticket?

The news is not only absurd -- sometimes it’s downright funny. Like the front page of Rupert Murdoch’s flagship newspaper, the New York Post, showing Kerry shaking hands with his running mate, Gephardt. If you snagged a copy, you should be able to peddle it at a profit on e-Bay. The editor borrowed an explanation from Dick Cheney -- he said it was none of our business.

The newspaper of record got the ticket right, of course. But Daily points out that what he calls The Phantom struck again. The headline said "KERRY CHOOSES EDWARDS, CITING FORMER RIVAL’S POLITICAL SKILL." Which implies that skill was something Kerry knew he badly needed. Actually, Kerry opened with a paean of praise for Edwards’ as "a champion of the values of middle-class Americans and those struggling to reach the middle class." Then he mentioned Edwards’ "guts and determination -- and political skill." The Phantom had to reach down to this phrase to put a down beat to what was after all a big day for the Democrats, and a bad, bad day for the Bushes.

The Bushes know that very well. Hear them whining about Edwards’ lack of foreign experience -- as if George Dubya ran last time as a statesman -- and about Edwards making all that money, whereas George never earned an honest dollar in his life. We can brush aside all those phony polls. Many Americans will only now begin to seriously consider the choice that will be offered them in November. True, they are four multi-millionaires, and they’re all reading from Ronald Reagan’s cue cards. But there are differences. Most importantly, people think they are different, and they send different messages when they vote -- or, when they stay home.

So let the games begin. And let’s try, now and then, to smile.