Thursday, August 26, 2004

Let the Games Begin

Some of the kindest folk in America arrived in town tonight after walking all the way from Boston, picking up recruits along the way. Others keep arriving from all points, many backpacking it, chipping in for gas, sharing shelter and rations, getting here every which way, to protest the orgy of meanness that will open in the Garden Sunday night.

Inspiring. It is heartening also that their protest includes many of the most talented and popular figures in music and the arts. They’re putting on a great show. Now those of us who live here have a special obligation to guide our visitors -- not to the "in" restaurants or the hit shows but to the sites where their message can reach the public.

They should be calling home-town media, by phone, by e-mail, with short, punchy letters or Op-Eds or whatever. And they should emulate the politicians and get in front of the cameras, wherever they are, with handmade and punchy placards. No profanity, please, we don’t need it -- the truth is bad enough. No flagburning, please; we are the ones who mean well for our country. Nothing that can be interpreted as insulting to our troops -- WE want them home. The war lovers don’t.

And I repeat, watch out for provocateurs. There is nothing the Bushies would like better than a pretext to accuse us of mob violence. We must make it clear to all that it’s just not true.
And now, let the games begin.