Thursday, August 12, 2004

Out to Lunch

The lead headline in the Times says "U.S. Holds Back." The fourth paragraph says in brackets that according to Reuters, our offensive has resumed. Maybe the editor in charge was out to lunch.

You could say the Washington Post scooped the Times by getting that headline right. But it was weeks behind the Times in confessing that it played up the propaganda that got us into the war, and played down evidence that it was a pack of lies.

Does this mean that they’re both going straight? Don’t hold your breath. Here’s a Times editorial that scolds protesters for refusing to be penned up like cattle behind barbed wire during the Republican convention. It says, heck, the Mayor even offered to water them. You can look it up.

The Times also reports that Rudy Giuliani is taking a big role in the campaign. He’s there to downplay the loopy conduct of George Bush and company on September 11th. We’re supposed to think instead of an heroic Republican mayor -- America’s mayor -- taking charge at Ground Zero. In all of its soul-searching, the Times has never seriously examined how Giuliani’s conduct really affected what happened on that awful day. So now he’s playing hero again.

Will somebody pass the water bottle? And please, Officer, a warm meatloaf for Mike Wallace.