Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Plucked Again

The spin word for today is pluck. The Times said it was a “Day of Pluck and Patience.” The News thumped its chest and roared, “After All, WE’RE NEW YORKERS!" It called the Mayor “Cool Hand Mike” for coming to City Hall as if nothing had happened. Whereas something evidently did happen.

The Democrats were making a big deal about John Kerry’s pluck in Vietnam, while Dubya Bush was playing hookie back home. So somebody dug up an old laptop that belonged to one of Osama bin Laden’s pack. Four years ago, he put these five buildings down as possible targets. No further mention has been found, but the White House turned it into a delayed action bomb -- serving Osama well because it cost us millions in police measures, and serving Dubya well because it transferred voters’attention from Kerry’s pluck to ours. David Brooks makes a further point: He writes in the Times that being plucky in the field doesn’t make a man a good commander -- that after all, nearly all the men who led us into war with Iraq were chicken hawks, like Brooks himself. Case closed.