Friday, September 10, 2004

3d Anniversary Blues

Offering up a bit of laughing gas to relieve the pain, a listener proposes that everybody’s who’s for peace drive with headlights on all day, and everybody who’s for the war drive with their lights off all night.

A cartoon in the New Yorker shows a beggar with a sign that says "Pay me or I’ll vote for Nader." That’s a pretty good dig at those Democrats who are more worked up about the three percent who might vote Green than they are about the much larger numbers who may vote for Bush because he talks with Jesus, wants to ban gay marriage and is giving us back our assault rifles. Not to mention the half of the population that doesn’t bother to vote at all.

Another caller offers a reason why. John Staso has joined the panicky Kerry camp as its main adviser on Social Security and Medicare. Staso has been a fulltime propagandist for the Cato Institute, peddling the notion that those programs are gonna bankrupt the nation. It’s not clear why they need Staso,. The New Democrats led by Clinton have been pushing that line for 25 years. So now, voters are invited to choose between two cockamamie plans to privatize pensions and health care - plans that nobody can tell apart. Meanwhile, they face another homongous increase in the cost of Medicare, and a million more workers drop out of health coverage entirely.

So here we are, on the third anniversary of 9-11, with the outlook no at all clear. I can only suggest that we keep our headlights on.