Thursday, September 23, 2004

A Bipartisan ‘Rescue’

Last evening, I welcomed the start of what the Times called the serious and useful debate the American people deserve. I pointed out that both sides agreed, basically, about Iraq. As I spoke, Jim Lehrer of PBS was holding another phase of the debate -- on Social Security.

In this round, the two parties -- and the moderator -- agreed that Social Security was headed for broke. The official spokesman for Bush called for privatizing Social Security for young workers and trimming benefits for those already in line. The official spokesman for Kerry was more emphatic. If he had his way, he said, he’d end all welfare entirely. He’s an old accomplice of Peter Peterson, the Wall Street zillionaire who’s been flim-flamming the media for decades. One typical result is today’s editorial in The Times, which says Bush’s plan is wrong but young workers can’t expect to receive as much as us old geezers do. For one thing, it says, we’re living too long.

You can find my replies to this monstrous propaganda in MY TIMES and in the archives of the Nation, Counterpunch, Extra! and WBAI. Meanwhile, take note that there is no difference on Iraq or on Social Security between the two parties in the "serious and useful" debate now under way. We’ll get to other issues as we go along. Stay tuned.