Thursday, September 16, 2004

Blog It!

Good people keep telling us that things have never looked so bad. I don’t know how much comfort it is, but I’ve seen worse, and we got over it -- well, most of us did.

It’s true that we have never, in the history of the republic, had a government as evil as this one. Or as stupid. It’s done an incredible amount of damage and plans more. Yet it doesn’t get its own way all the time, even though it has had no effective opposition in Congress or the Supreme Court. And even though the big media have never been concentrated in so few hands.

But sanity, and even laughter, can be heard out here. Two new books hit the best-seller list this week, hooting at the Bushes - one from the Daily show - blam, blam - and one by Kitty Kelley - who’s a catty gossip but has collected plenty of dirt. Then there’s independent radio, like this one, and a growing world internet of information.

For example, my comments are in the archives of Extra!, Counterpunch and WBAI, and you can now pick them up on my blog, at Welcome.