Monday, September 13, 2004

Double Talk

That was a terrible week of news for the Bushies. Dragging us deeper into quagmire abroad and stagnation at home. So what do they have to say for themselves? The memo was forged.

The Bushies, who have a lot of experience with fakery, claim this one was done on a typewriter that did not exist. Experts consulted by Dan Rather found that the army did so have lots of machines that used that type face. In any case, what the memo said was obviously true -- Dubya played hooky from playing hooky -- that is, not only did he wangle his way into the Texas National Guard to dodge serving in Vietnam but he also dodged months of flight training and a required physical. So his alleged honorable discharge is a phony. And what were the media chattering about? Whether John Kerry’s war medals were phony.

There’s worse. Dick Cheney warned us that to elect John Kerry would invite even worse atrocities in this country than 9-11. And that came in for serious discussion, too.

It must be said that the Kerry dancers played right into his hands. They couldn’t have been more helpful if Karl Rove had been pulling their strings. Their handlers told them they mustn’t be mean to the meanies -- play nice. Kerry’s worst move, no doubt, was his statement that he’d have voted for war even if he knew Bush was lying. And he might send in more troops and stay the course for four more years. He’s also sounding Republican on Social Security and Medicare, and unbelievably chintzy on welfare, child care and housing. So, where does that leave the forces of peace and justice? Where they have been all along. We’ve seen them marching by the hundreds of thousands, going to jail by the thousands, and marching on again -- getting the message out. The fight goes on.