Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cheney’s Turn

John Edwards is said to be a topflight trial lawyer. Well, he couldn’t ask for a better hostile witness than Dick Cheney -- mean, foul -mouthed and hot-tempered. Bush loyalists may defend Dubya as being sort of detached, to put it mildly, but Cheney took command even before Dubya took the oath of office. He called in the chiefs of big oil, big coal, of Enron. He still refuses to identify the plotters or release their decisions but we’ve been living with their results on the environment and the economy.

They nearly bankrupted California and impoverished the rest of the country. Edwards will no doubt be pointing out that Ohioans lost a lot of good jobs, and those who found new ones had to work for lower pay, and fewer benefits. This gang has actually made it illegal to cross the border to buy cheaper medicine. There’s a great peg for Edwards to call for universal health care -- single payer. That’s the slogan that elected Bill Clinton president 12 years ago.

And I haven’t mentioned Halliburton -- its no-bid contracts, its rip-off prices, its secret partners. Nor just what Cheney was doing on the morning of 9-11, when our jet fighters were awaiting orders, and Dubya was being hustled off to Nebraska. Nor how much of the barefaced lying about the menace posed by Saddam Hussein can be traced directly to Cheney. Or -- oh, I can hardly wait. Go get him, Edwards.