Friday, October 15, 2004

Fair and Unbalanced

If you can’t stand Bush, and you can’t stand Bill O’Reilly, it was a great night. By now, we know that viewers scored the debate overwhelmingly as a win for Kerry -- he has cleaned Bush’s clock in three out of three rounds. At the close, it was fun watching the mediocracy pedaling desperately to avoid calling it -- with even some of the right-wingers covering their backsides -- and the center-liberals picking out faults by Kerry as well as Bush to show how fair and balanced they are.

Fair and balanced. Which brings us to Bill O’Reilly, who ranted that he was being blackmailed by a former colleague. She’s suing him for making her talk dirty to him on the phone while he masturbated. He didn’t deny that it was true -- she taped some of the calls -- he just denied it was illegal, and objected to the amount of damages she was demanding.

This recalls Rush Limbaugh -- who faces prosecution for stocking up on speed with fake prescriptions and allegedly resold some of it. And there’s Bill Bennett -- the moral watchdog with the gambling habit. And there’s Dubya Bush, with the lying habit of lying. Yet all of them still function -- still command a considerable number of followers -- like the Bushie in the focus group who said on camera that Kerry’s being better in debate was one more reason to vote for Dubya.

So the same polls that gave the debate to Kerry, big time, called the election outlook a dead heat. But the climate has definitely changed. That was worth staying up for.