Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Flu Shots in the Capitol

It’s a relief to learn that flu shots are being given, free, to members of Congress and their staffs, as they go off on recess. For common citizens, the supply is limited to infants and old folks. The rest of us might be safer staying home and watching the playoffs.

That may be what many are doing, anyway. That may help explain the cockeyed election polls -- they’re not paying attention. The humor weekly Onion says Kerry is hoping that stem-cell research may find a cure for what’s bugging his campaign. And it says our generals have settled for a strong second place in their war against Iraq.

Listen -- if enough of us had a sense of humor, we wouldn’t be there. Or, if they paid attention. Listen to Bush, indignantly denying that he would privatize or cut Social Security -- as he promises to begin doing just that in January. Just give it another name -- like Clear Skies for more smoke in our lungs and Clean Water for more lead and mercury in our faucets.

Anyway, there’s Bill O’Reilly to cheer us up. The Daily News says his accuser turned down his offer of $2 million to settle her complaint of sexual harassment - so that affair may brighten the gossip columns for a while longer.

That’s OUR flu shot. Not to be sneezed at.