Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Hurrah for Boston

Well hurrah for the visiting team! There have always been a lot of New Yorkers who root for Boston to beat the Yankee imperialists, and it’s great to think of Rudolph Giuliani there in Steinbrenner's box -- Rudy, the Brooklyn boy who betrayed his own Dodgers in order to snuggle up to the powerhouse in the Bronx. This year it was particularly gratifying because the Bush gang has kept spewing about Taxachusetts -- that liberal state.
I remember when cars from there carried bumper stickers saying "Don’t blame me -- I’m from Massachusetts. That was a couple of years after the Nixon landslide of 1972-- after the Watergate cover-up came apart and Nixon was headed for impeachment. Now, there’s a word we may need to freshen up if the Bushwackers heist the White Houze again next month.

Every day, good people tell me that if that happens, they’ll move to Canada. I grant that four more years of the worst president in American history is a grim prospect -- but there is no reason why we should run away, or take it lying down. Besides, where would we get our flu shots?

I’m reminded of the years of Reagan and the elder Bush. They were loaded with impeachable crimes -- pre-emptive wars -- trading with the enemy -- perjury -- assaults on Social Security and Medicare -- a transfer of the tax burden from the rich to working people. The Democrats lost Congress and quite a few state houses and city halls. But we survived. Trouble is, many people weren’t paying attention, or forgot, and we went on to blow our next chances in the Clinton years. But there was a chance - there always is one. Look at the Red Sox. Go for it, Boston.