Friday, October 08, 2004

Oedipus Wrecks

On the day that Dubya moved into the Oval Office, he was already obsessed with Saddam Hussein. People who have studied the matter say the reason is simple -- that Dubya’s father had been widely criticized for not taking Baghdad over during the first Gulf war, when he had a real alliance with half a million troops and no opposition. Pappy has explained that if he knocked off the dictator in place, he’d have a hopeless mess of a country to occupy just the mess we now have. And that, I think may explain why George W. H. Bush was not invited to address the Republican convention that nominated his son.

People who go in for psychoanalysis have been talking Oedipus complex -- meaning the son took us to war to show up his father. Certainly, young Dubya was no credit to the family -- always in trouble drinking, a flop in the oil business, using Pappy’s pull to stay out of Vietnam, and forever stumbling over words. The elder Bush is also dyslexic -- and no great intellect, but not nearly as bad.

Dubya has been called the very worst president in the history of the United States. If that is true -- and I think it is -- then Dick Cheney must be the very worst vice president. He has been a surrogate father to Dubya -- there has long been doubt as to which of them is really in charge. Tonight, Dubya will be back out there alone- -- well, largely alone, with a raft of selected questioners and a spinroom full of buzz. And once again, he’ll go up against an opponent who doesn’t have real answers but sure has today’s news on his side. A round not to be missed.