Thursday, November 25, 2004


I’ve checked out the day’s news for you, and I’m here to say, Fageddaboudit.

It’s as bad as it was yesterday and it isn’t really new. So if there is one evening in this godawful year for us to turn the news off and dine with people we love, this is it. If we can pitch in at a soup kitchen so much the better, but I’m not going to press you.

There’s a brilliant cover by R. Crumb , on the New Yorker , depicting a diverse crowd in midtown with, in the center, a little Indian representing those who fed the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock. He’s wearing a sandwich sign advertising a Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixin’s; for 29.99. But that is getting perilously lose to the real world that I’m trying to put out of mind for a moment. Turn inside and enjoy the comics and a visit with Lucy and Charlie Brown. Lucy notices that Charley never smiles. She warns him, then throws the ball, and bonk! Men never listen. Well, here at WBAI’s evening news, sufficient unto this day are the evils thereof. I’m off for the weekend. Enjoy the holiday -- I’ll be back Monday, to the real world.