Thursday, November 18, 2004

Lame All Over

I was composing a sermonette last evening when Con Ed blew a manhole cover and took WBAI off the air. They call it "stray voltage" or good old American knowhow, Meanwhile, surfing the networks, I didn’t hear a single mention of the great scandal of last weekend, about the murder of unarmed Iraqi civilians in that mosque. Only foreigners seem to care. Anyway, what I intended to say seems just as valid tonight.

What I wrote was that they were calling it a lame-duck session of Congress, but that was pure flattery. Those ducks don’t have a leg to stand on. They’re about to meekly raise the national debt limit by 800 billion dollars. They went past the limit weeks ago but pretended not to, in order not to embarrass the Republicans before the elections.

I was going to note that they don’t embarrass easily. I was also going to predict that the Senate Democrats would sheepishly ratify Condaleezza Rice as secretary of state -- -- Joe Lieberman called her "an excellent choice." Then I would quote Tom DeLay’s threat to "go nucular" if the Democrats use the rules to suspend him when he gets indicted, or to block really awful court appointments. That’s a great point. [To be discussed further: If Congress can adopt rules by a simple majority, it can repeal them by a simple majority. Why not? We’ll still have to fight the Bush counterrevolution out in the streets.]

And finally, I might quote the humor weekly The Onion as reporting that the Republicans plan to privatize elections. Which in fact they already have.