Monday, November 15, 2004

Mission Re-Accomplished

Mission accomplished -- again. All of Falluja is democratic now, whether it wants to be or not. Those fireworks we’re seeing on TV are not as pretty as those on the Fourth of July, but they carry the same message -- independence. Fallujans who survive will damned well vote.

One of their liberators may not be there, though. Colin Powell has put in his resignation -- too soon to celebrate this victory, too late to save his honor.

He was the only combat veteran in Dubya’s coop of chicken hawks, and they often seemed to hold it against him -- hinted that he didn’t have the guts they required. What he did not have, surely, was the guts to stand up to them. Time and again, he lied to our country and to the United Nations about why we had to tackle Saddam Hussein -- quickly, even before we nailed Osama bin Laden. Caught in his lies, he never really apologized, never expressed remorse.

There’s talk now of his being replaced by Condoleesa Rice -- who evidently despised Powell and would never dream of apologizing or expressing remorse. She says she never gave the secretary’s job a thought.

Well, there’s no telling how this will come out. We’re still mopping up in Fallujah.