Monday, November 08, 2004

Rove as Nerd

The talking heads were marveling at the disaster they helped bring about, and tried to soothe their consciences. Now that Dubya has won by a clear majority, they said, he surely won’t go for the jugular, the way he did last time. They remind me of the old punchline: "Boy, have you got the wrong vampire!"

His ace blood-sucker, Karl Rove, offered a cheerful anecdote to prove it. He was the class nerd -- the boy who knows all the answers, and gets picked on by the jocks in the back of the room. They didn’t pick on Karl Rove. He got his dad, who happened to be the principal, to tell them that if they did, he’d yank them off the team, forthwith. Karl the Nerd didn’t care for games where he might get hurt; instead he led the band oom-pahing for the guys who did get hurt -- which made Karl right at home in the gang that now rules us.

It may perhaps be a comfort to know how big a role ignorance played in the disaster. Bob Herbert of the Times points out that a majority of Bush voters think Saddam Hussein bombed the World Trade Center and was caught with a stock of weapons of mass destruction. A lot also believe that our attack on Iraq has been a catastrophic success, as Dubya put it, and that the world was rooting for Bush to win. I say it may be a comfort because it has to discomfort our punditry.

You may enjoy reading, and checking out his forthcoming piece in FAIR - that’s Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting - and other progressive websites. But let’s face it: we are in for a rough ride. Hang in there.