Thursday, November 11, 2004

Saving Falluja

The reporter said Arafat was "very much alive, though perhaps just barely." Then the scene shifted to Falluja, which was clearly shaping up as an American victory, though perhaps only barely.

Nobody who remembers Vietnam can forget that officer who said we had to destroy the village in order to save it. Now they have to destroy a whole city in order to save it. And then what will we have? A smoking minefield of rubble stained by the blood of -- what shall we call them - heroes? Martyrs? Terrorists? Crusaders? Losers, anyway.

In this war, our spin doctors don’t let us see our dead, even in coffins draped with flags. But our triumphant president chose this day to visit injured servicemen, right after his daily chat with Jesus. He told them he feels their pain.

On the other hand, Iraq veterans and students are speaking out for peace. Our WBAI colleague Christ Hogan will be serving tonight in a panel with Mike Hoffman of Iraq veterans against the war, and Jacob Levich and other organizers, at Hunter College Student Lounge, 68th Street and Lexingon Avenue. Begins 7:30 -- do check it out. There is a battle that has to win, in the end.