Wednesday, November 17, 2004

She’d Take All But Utah

A message from the Queen to the former American colonies reads that in light of their failure to elect a suitable president and thereby govern themselves, Her Majesty has decided to take them back -- "except Utah, which she does not fancy."

A copy was E-mailed to me by an English friend who is registered as a Liberal. which in Britain puts him on the center-right. Everywhere in the world except for the USA - the word "liberal" MEANS conservative -- as in laissez-faire -- keeping the government’s nose out of people’s affairs. The Brits HAVE a Conservative party, so named, but it has been discredited by its support for the Bush war -- so the Liberals have been coming back.

Polls show that an overwhelming majority of Europeans are against the war, but a majority of American voters think they’re for it. One reason is that we are incredibly badly informed. Take a front-page story in the Washington Post today. A pool reporter from NBC News taped marines shooting unarmed civilians at an Iraqi mosque. "This one’s still alive -- bang, bang." The reporter was there, saw it with his own eyes, got it on tape. So what was the headline? "Marines Investigate Shooting."

How’s that for fair-and-balanced, objective reporting? It‘s a way of life inside the Beltway -- and outside, too -- including Utah.