Saturday, December 04, 2004

SS: A Social Compact

Note: The following was held up by a fundraiser at WBAI yesterday. My archives are of course full of defenses of Social Security…. By the way, I commend Friday’s Daily for a staaggering example of the stupidity that infects our airwaves.

Here we go again. For 25 years, the enemies of Social Security have been wailing that it would bankrupt the country, and even telling us when that would happen. Time after time, they would stave off the awful day by cutting benefits and raising the withholding tax. I wonder now whether I didn’t play into their hands by showing time and again how they were juggling the numbers. The thing is -- it was just a game. Social Security is not an insurance plan -- it’s a social compact. We agreed, as members of the human family. to care for all who needed it. The trust funds were a fiction -- IOU’s that we owed to ourselves. The armed forces don’t have a trust fund, but nobody has ever talked about THEIR going broke, even under the bloody chicken hawks who are now in control. They’re moving 12,000 more troops into Iraq to enforce democracy, and they say they’ll need them there for at least a decade more. Money’s no object -- even laws and treaties are no object. This is a matter of national security, and that’s held to be sacred. Well, so is the principle of Social Security.