Wednesday, December 22, 2004

We Told Them So

We on the left are in a bind. How can we say “we told you so” without sounding smug. The first count of our impeachment of George Bush has been his attack on Iraq. We warned that he was lying and that this would be a war we could not win. Every day it becomes more painfully clear that we were right -- that we're losing the war and the only sane thing to do is bring our troops home. But those who said we had to stay the course find it hard to say THEY were wrong. So they don't, quite.

The Times had to lead with the catastrophe in Mosul, but it felt obliged to balance that with quotes from people who said that was sad, but. William Safire claims we're winning the war, and he's still hoping to find those weapons of mass destruction, somewhere, by widening the search to other countries. Tony Blair flew in to say that our prediction of an election proves we're right even if it doesn't don't look very plausible. Bill O'Reilly invited a peace advocate to explain our side, and cut him off with a long rant charging that we are traitors, rooting for the enemy -- that we want our troops to lose so we can say, “I told you so.” Well, sorry, Bill -- as long as this war goes on, we'll have to say it, and keep on saying it: We told you so.