Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Now the Fight for the Count

Hang in there -- it’s going to be a long night. The counting can’t begin till the polls close - and everybody in line at that moment is still entitled to vote. So there’s still time to nag the neighbors and make them do their duty.

The poohbahs all said it was too close to call. That’s a disgrace to the republic. It’s also a disgrace to our so-called liberal media for keeping so many people so ignorant and confused. They conducted the debates, and Kerry won them, so now they say that might have been bad for Kerry. They said if we caught Osama Bin Laden, Bush would win by a landslide. Osama spitds iun our eye, so they say that means more votes for Bush. Record slaughter overseas, record loss of jobs at home, record deficits -- all prove this is no time to change horses in midstream. Though Bush can’t even ride a horse.

Meanwhile, the fight to count those ballots is at a fever height. Republicans have mobilized all over the country to cut down voting by people of color -- and they’re experts at it. Experience shows that literally millions of actual votes will not be counted. It’s up to us to holler -- ten times as loud as the Bushes, because the media gives them ten times as much more play.

One final reminder: There are no safe states. In New York, Kerry and Edwards -- who can be pushed -- are on the top line at left, and the saintly pacifist David McReynolds -- who can’t be pushed -- is on the second line at right. Let’s keep hope alive.